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Timothy Presents....

Speaking Topics for the Horticulture & More

From small gatherings to large audiences, I have presented to audiences with extensive technical backgrounds to those who think a fax machine is 'cool, new technology'. I promise not to drone on and on and will engage the audience with questions and the occassional barb.

Click on any of the links to learn a bit more about some of my standard presentations. 

If you have a particular marketing or technology topic you would like covered, please let me know, timothy@clarity-connect.com, and I'll let you know if I can do it justice.

Customized Presentations

Whenever possible, I will customize the presentation to your specific audience.  I encourage you to send attendees my e-mail address so they can send me questions or comments in advance so I can incorporate their needs into the presentation (assuming it makes sense for the broader audience).

Speaking Fees

You get me for the day for $750 plus actual travel expenses (I live in Raleigh and Southwest Airlines serves our market so I can get to most places fairly economically).  I can certainly present more than one topic in a day, but would need 30 to 60 minutes between sessions so I can meet with people after a presentation to address any questions they have that they were not able to ask during the presentation.

Please give me a call to discuss additional topics and/or to iron logistics.

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