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Lively Landscape Company in Fairview, TN

Lively Landscape Company in Fairview, TN

Collier Metals in Garland, TX

Collier Metals in Garland, TX

Black Rock Landscapes in Upperco, MD

Black Rock Landscapes in Upperco, MD

Turf Services, Inc in Greenboro, NC

Turf Services, Inc in Greenboro, NC

Faller Landscape & Nursery in York, NE

Faller Landscape & Nursery in York, NE

Custom Websites for Landscapers

Easy to update websites for landscaping companies

From single location, 'Mom and Pop' garden centers to multiple location regional chains, we have marketing solutions for all types of garden centers.

Custom Designed Websites
Click through the various images on this page to see that our designs are not templates.  We custom design each website to match our clients needs.

Update your Site Easily
Our customers can easily update their websites using our Clarity Console website content management tools.  These tools have been built to make it easy for non-technical people to update their websites.  If you can read, type with at least one finger and are not afraid to use your mouse and 'click'. you can update your website.  If you would like a demonstration of our technology, please contact us.

Scaleable Solutions
We have solutions that range from small garden centers in low population areas to high-volume, multi-location garden centers. For small garden centers who are looking to get their first site, Clarity QuickSite is a great solution.  This is our only template driven site.  However it is very flexible and you can change the look of the home page very easily. A couple of QuickSite Examples follow:

All of our custom designed websites include the following tools:

Frequently used additional tools include:

What's the Process?
We chat with you to find out what your business objectives are for investing in a new website.  We will then schedule a webinar (we send you a link via e-mail so you can see what is on our computer screen while we're on a conference call) to demonstrate various sites and solutions we have implemented to that we feel will be applicable for your situation.   

Site Map and Proposal
We incorporate your comments, feedback and budget to prepare a detailed site map (a sample site map is available to download at the bottom of this page) and fixed priced proposal.  The site map details the proposed functionality and Clarity Console tools needed to meet your objectives and budget.  We'll make any modifications to the site map and proposal based on your feedback.  

Website Design
When we have a final scope and price, we then start to work on your new custom designed home page.  We believe it is very important to create a design that is appropriate for your company and your customers.  If you have an existing 'look and feel' for other marketing materials, we will use key graphical elements (logo, imagery, fonts, colors, etc.) from those marketing pieces to extend your brand in your new website.

We will create one or two initial designs for your review.  If you like one of these designs, we will fine tune it based on your input.  If you do not lilke the design, we will 'go back to the drawing board' and submit a completely new design.  We will work through this design review process with you until we have a final approved design.  

As you can see from the various websites we have designed at the right, we do NOT use templates. We create a custom design for each of our customers.  If you have your own in-house designer, we can work with them and provide direction to them so they can lead the design effort.

Website Implementation
After the design is approved, we start to implement that design so the content you add with your licensed Clarity Console tools, will display in your new website.  This process takes place on our development server so only those with the proper access will be able to see the site as it is being built.

Training & Support
We will train you and your staff how to use the Clarity Console tools during one or more webinars so you can be adding content to the site while it is in the development stage.  

Of course, you will also be able to modify, add and delete content once the site has been released to the live environment.  All of our customers have unlimited customer training and supportWe can do this, because the Clarity Console website content management tools are very easy to use - even for non-technical folks.  

Website Launch
When you have enough content in place, you will give us the go ahead to release your new site.  If you have an existing site, the same URL (website address) will display your new site once it is released.  Of course, once the site is launched, you will be able to continue to add, edit and delete content from your site with your licensed Clarity Console tools.

Time to Go Mobile?
As the use of smart phones continues to expand at a rapid rate, you may want to consider having your site be developed to also be phone friendly. We make this process easy for you.  The content you add for your 'main' site (viewed on a computer) is reformatted to look great on a smart phone.  If you have a smart phone, take a look at the following sites on both your computer and your smart phone:

Ready to Get Started?
If you would like a demonstration of our technology and a no-obligation quote, please contact us.


Check us out at OFA or BloomaPalooza
If you'll be at OFA or BloomaPalooza please stop by and see us, or give us a call, (919) 577-9901, to schedule a time to meet with us.