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You can enter a discount as a fixed dollar amount or percent. You can also have a 'free shipping' discount code.

Store Manager: Discount Manager

The Discount Manger is included in our Store Manager. You can create an unlimited number of discounts for your on-line sales. Discount codes can be for a specific customer or for all customers. Start and stop dates automatically ensure your discounts are being offered at the appropriate time.

The Discount Manager is an excellent way to provide discount to your on-line customers. Fields include:

Name (Displays in Console backoffice only)
Free Shipping Discount Code
Min. Order Value for Discount
Discount Code (This is what your customers must enter in the shopping cart)
Discount Amount
Fixed Amount Off or Percent Off
Single Use
Start Date
Stop Date

   Tools In Action

If a site customer enters a discount code that is not active or is not within the valid date range, a message such as "The code you entered is not valid. Please try again," will appear. When the customer is ready to check out, they will be able to view the discount prior to completing the transaction. The discount also is shown at the order level in the store manager and prints on the packing list.

Discount Percent Applied to Subtotal (before shipping and taxes)

If you use the 'percentage' (vs. fixed amount) discount, it will be applied to the order subtotal before shipping and taxes.

Single Use

If you click on 'Yes' for single use, each customer will only be able to use the discount one time.  This works great for 'first order' discounts such as 'Save $10 on your first Spring order.' 

Tools in Action Notes

To see where you enter the discount code, you will need to add an item to your cart and proceed with checkout. You will be able to cancel the purchase prior to it charging your card. If you would like a complete demonstration of this tool, please call us at (919) 577-9901.