Message Board / Customer Forum

Use a message board to help build a community on your website.

Message boards are a great tool for informal focus groups. You can monitor the various discussion topics and responses to find out what is important to your customers and prospects. You can review discussion topics and respond at anytime. When you click on a link for one of the topics you can view:

  • When the topic was created
  • Responder
  • Response date
  • Response text
  • Image (optional)

Message Boards are a great way to create community on your site and increase how frequently visitors return to your site.

Vulgarity Filter

The tool has a vulgarity filter to replace certain words with asterisk - ******.

Editing Posts

The Clarity Console tool will allow you to edit specific posts. For example, they may enter a domain address and you may want to put the HTML code with the link so it is a 'hot' link, or you may want to correct a major typo in an otherwise accurate post.

Clarity ImageMagic™

When images are uploaded, Clarity ImageMagic will automatically size and optimize the image for the web.

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