Seasonal Planner

Use the Seasonal Planner to communicate suggested activities on a monthly basis. 

Some of our customers use it to communicate with sales and operational staff and have it available only after a secure login.  Others, like Garden Centers, use it to give suggested gardening and landscaping ideas throughout the year.  Of course they tie many of those activities to products and services they offer.  You can add unlimited recommended activities or sales suggestions that would typically apply during a particular month.  Clicking on the record opens the corresponding details.  You can add images, tasks, comments, suggested to-do lists and an unlimited number of attached files.

You can create categories of activities such as "Lawncare", "Perennial Beds", "Trees and Shrubs", "Containers & Hanging Baskets" and then have as many suggested activities associated with each cateory each month.

  • Month Name
  • Client Type
  • Seasonal Planner Heading/Title:
  • Summary Text
  • Long Description
  • To Do List
  • Unlimited Attachments (if File Downloads Manager has been licensed)
  • 5 Images

The Seasonal Planner is a great way to communicate with both your staff and your customers and prospects.

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