Page Generator Editor / Page Creator

The Page Generator Editor (PGE) tool allows you to create totally dynamic web pages and subpages.

The Page Generator Editor (PGE)  tool allows you to create pages for your website and "assign" them to another page of your site. These "publish to" locations are defined in the initial setup of your site. With 8 different page styles, 12 different image slots, the ability to embed videos and four different text input boxes, the options are endless.

Fields for this tool include:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Summary
  • Content Prior to bullets
  • Bullet List
  • Content Following Bullets
  • Images (Up to 12 images and captions)
  • Unlimited Attachments (i.e. PDFs, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Title for Sub Pages content box
  • Browser Title
  • Keywords
  • Page Description for search engines

Subsequently, you can create as many sub pages as you need. You can also assign pages to page creator records. The tool shows the hierarchy so you can easily manage your content.

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