Bohn's Farm and Greenhouses
Maryville, IL   |   Valued client since July, 2003

Bohn's Farm and Greenhouses, Inc. is a wholesale grower of hardy herbaceous perennials and companion specialty annuals.

Services Utilized:
  • 2003 Reference Guide (112 pages)
  • Various Postcards
  • Catalog Envelopes
  • #10 Envelopes
  • 2006 3rd Edition Refernce Guide (catalog)

The business was established by the Bohn family more than 65 years ago as a strawberry and vegetable truck farm. As the wholesale market demand for locally produced vegetables dwindled in the 1980's, Gary Bohn, grandson of the founder, and Gary's father, Walter Bohn, began to explore production of ornamental horticultural crops. They are now a 20 acre production nursery utilizing 177,000 square feet of covered greenhouse facilities. They supply:

    • an extensive selection of retail-ready perenniasl

    • companion specialty annuals

    • select ornamental shrub varieties

to garden center retailers and ladscape contractors located primarily in IL, MO, KS and IN.