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Websites for Wholesale Growers & Grower Retailers

Built to help you sell more plants, more profitably

Our technology is easy-to-use and delivers a quick return on investment for wholesale growers and grower-retailers.


Experience Matters

Our 23+ years of experience serving the horticulture industry helps you quickly launch a new site (4-8 weeks).

Standard Functionality 

The ‘out of the box’ functionality is extensive, yet optional.  If you do not want to utilize some of the capability, such as FAQs, it is easily excluded from your site implementation. 

Standard functionality includes:


Optional Functionality

Current additional functionality includes:

  • Integration with your ERP, POS or Inventory system
  • Credit card processing for orders
  • Current Crop Editor (add images for specific crops that expire on the date of your choice)
  • Pre-Book Ordering 
  • Plant Quote Requests (allow your customers to request quotes for large orders)
  • Recommended Orders (help new garden center plant buyers with recommendations like $5k of shade shrubs, $3k of Sun Perennials, etc.)
  • High-resolution image management and downloads for your customers
  • Catalog Wizard  (generate print-quality catalog pages from your online plant database)


Seeing is Believing

Our demonstration site is available for evaluation at GrowerWebsite.com. We encourage you to use the site as your customers would and apply for a test wholesale account. Your application will be approved so you can place orders, create and view project lists, and more.

Free Interactive Demo

If you would like to have a one-on-one live demo, please schedule a time with Timothy Howard using calendly.com/meet-with-timothy.

See Demo Site

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