Hard Scrabble Farm

North Salem, NY   |   Valued client since August, 2021

Hardscrabble Farms is a Wholesale nursery located in Westchester County New York. They are an 80-acre facility offering a large selection of Evergreens, Shade trees, Fruit trees, Flowering Trees, Shrubs, Dwarf conifers, Perennials, Grasses, Roses, Ground covers, Ferns, and Natives. They carry a full range of sizes but are known for their large and specimen-sized material. They also offer a line of professional-grade landscaping tools as well as grass seed, fertilizers, mulch, and bagged soils.

Services Utilized:
  • Website Design
  • Clarity Console™ website Content Management Tools
  • Secure wholesale login for online order processing
  • Website Hosting

Some of the online functionality includes: