Riverbend Nursery

Riner, VA   |   Valued client since August, 2007

Riverbend Nursery is a progressive, container wholesale growing operation that sells quality ground covers, perennials, and ornamental grasses to retailers, landscapers, and re-wholesalers. The nursery is situated on 100 acres in Riner, Virginia and is located in the southwestern portion of the state, between Christiansburg and Floyd. The scenic Little River surrounds the property on three sides in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Services Utilized:
  • Website design and production
  • Clarity Console™ website content management tools
  • Website hosting
  • Pocket Folder design & production

This website was designed to make it even easier for garden centers to work with Riverbend Nurseries while helping drive retail consumers to their customers' locations. After logging in, wholesale customers can access the appropriate availability (from their GA or VA growing operatoins or BOTH), modify their profile that displays in the Where to Buy results. A few other key features include:




One other area of particular interest is Heather's Hot Picks. These are the plants that look particularly good in their greeenhouse that week.