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Alt Tags for Plant Library

Click image thumbnails at left to see implementation examples

In order to help the visually impaired navigate the plant library section of your Clarity Connect developed website, we are offering an upgrade that adds Alt Tags to all images in the Plant Editor records and the vast majority of the navigation and information items on both the plant index pages and plant detail pages.

In order to have an appropriate Alt Tag for every image in your Plant Database Manager, a new 'Alt Tag' text input box has been added on the IMAGES tab of your Plant Editor.

For our customers with existing plant libraries, we will write a program to auto-populate it with the full plant name + from your company name. For example:

Hyacinth Atlantic from Leo Berbee.

As you add new images, the Alt Text will be created automatically based on the same logic. 

Once the Alt Text is populated, you can change it if needed.

Please note that if you change the Genus, species, cultivar or common name in the tool after the alt tag is created, it will NOT update the existing alt tags for that plant record.

Plant Detail Pages

In addition to the images, alt tags will be added to the following items on the plant detail page (if included on your site):

  • Character icons
  • Bloom Color
  • Plant Category
  • Breeder/Program Names
  • Next and Previous Plant links
  • Call to Action Buttons (i.e. Login & Add to Cart)

Plant Index Pages

Alt tags will be added to the following items on your plant index pages:

  • Plant Images
  • Text links
  • Call to Action Buttons

Next Step

Give us a call or send us an email if you want us to implement this upgrade. The average cost for our existing customers is $475. Depending on our development backlog, we will be able to complete the work in 10-15 workdays after receiving your approval to proceed.

You can check out a few of the sites we have implemented it for: