Annual Licensing

To continue to utilize the Clarity Console content management tools after the first year of your site being released, there is annual licensing fee of 10% of the intial contract value. Annual licensing is due on the anniversary date of the site going live. The licensing fee pays for:

  • Continued use of the tools
  • All standard upgrades to your licensed tools
  • Customer support from 8:30am to 5pm EST on normal work-days. We do our best to answer the phone personally and not make you play tick-tack-toe on your phone dial to reach someone who can help you.

When you add additional tools and/or functionality to your site, we will let you know upfront if your annual licensing will be affected. As the release of new website functionality or tools seldom coincides with the site anniversary date, we will prorate the incremental annual licensing fee so that annual licensing will always be due on the anniversary date of the site going live.


If the cost to build your site is $9,500 and the site is realeased on May 1, 2017, annual licensing of $950 ($9,500 X 10%) would be due on May 1, 2018.