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GWS Acer: Home Slideshow Images

Pixel Requirements

The pixel dimensions for the GWSAcer home page slide show are 1920 pixels wide and 721 pixels high. As long as your image is that size or larger, the image will be resized and cropped by the Clarity ImageMagic™ technology. 

If your original file is not at least 1920 pixels wide AND at least 721 pixels high, it will be distorted and blurry when uploaded.

You can also use Photoshop to size and crop your image to be exactly 1920 pixels by 721 pixels. This will ensure you have the focal point of the image included in your slideshow image.

Note: The height of the slideshow image is intentionally limited so that website visitors won't have to scroll extensively to get to the rest of the home page content. 

Check out the example image and others on the home page.

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