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How to KNOW How Your Customers Use Your Website

Your website is too important to guess how it is used. Relying on a handful of customers who talk to you about your website is equally as dangerous. Instead, you can use a combination of inexpensive and free technology to KNOW how your website is used.

Learn how to identify pain points by reviewing the most common pages with 'angry clicks'.  We will also discover how to increase focus on not-so-obvious 'website wins'.

Tools and data used include:

  • Automatic screen recordings of how your customers use the site
  • Heat Maps showing where customers click on a page
  • Live Chat
  • Statistics on how long customers are on your site in general, but also on specific pages
  • What pages your customers leave your site from most frequently

This will be an interactive presentation. Attendees will leave with a list of solutions and ideas they can implement immediately with very little time or money required.