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Using 'Sequence' field to control display order

If you have a situation where a normal sort order such as alphabetical, value or by date don't work, we can add a 'Sequence' field to virtually any of our tools so you can manually control the display order.

For example, you may have employees listed by department.  The general sort order maybe alphabetical by last name, but you would like to have the department manager listed first and then alphabetically for the rest of the employees.  In that situation, we would add the 'Sequence' field to the USER DEFINED tab of the Management/Employees Profile Editor with a default value of 99999.  The website page would display the records based on the following sort order:

  • Sequence
  • Last Name
  • First Name

Since the sequence would initially be the same for all records, 99999, the display order would be by last name.  In order to get the manager to be listed first, you would enter a value less than the default value in the Sequence field.  That would automatically have that record display prior to all the rest.

We suggest you use '10'for the record you want first and '20' for the record you want second and then increment by 10 for any other records you want to display before the rest of the records with the default sequence value.

By starting with 10 and incrementing by 10 you have the ability to easily slot in new records wherever you want them to display. For example, if you had already used '10' and '20' and had a new employee you want to display second, you would use '15' as their sequence value.