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Build Your Plant Library from our Master Plant Database

In order to save time, our customers can build their plant database (exclusive of SKUs) by selecting plants from the GardenCenterMarketing.com plant library. Those records can then be ‘localized’ by our customers to include changing any of the information and adding additional images and SKUs.

By using our Plant Editor, our customers can add new, edit, delete and activate/deactivate plant records at any time.

Building your plant library has never been easier

After logging into your Clarity Console, click on Plant Database Manager (image 1 below; your link may be in a different location in your list of licensed Clarity Console Tools), select 'Download Plant Records from GCM Database' (image 2 below) and:

  • To view plant details, click on the plant name. A popup will display the corresponding plant information and image (image 4 below).
  • To select a plant record to include on your website, simply click the green plus.
  • You can use the filters or text search to quickly find the plants you need.
  • Clicking VIEW DOWNLOAD LIST will display any plant you have added since the last time you downloaded plant records. If needed, you can remove records from your selected records.
  • When you are ready to download the plant records to your local Plant Library, click PROCEED TO DOWNLOAD CONFIRMATION and then DOWNLOAD NOW.
  • These records will then appear in your plant editor for editing/publishing.
  • Plant information is ONLY for your website developed by Clarity Connect.
  • If you are no longer a customer, the information and images are NOT available for your new site or other marketing purposes.