Events and Classes Editor

Post related events and classes to your site in seconds.

With the Events and Classes Editor, you site will always be up to date and accurate. Post last minute changes, cancellations, or additions. The front end will be customized according to your specifications. Fields include:

  • Event name
  • Category
  • Summary/Long Description
  • Display start/end dates
  • Hours (unlimited start and stop times you can describe)
  • Event location
  • Date(s) of event
  • Early Bird Registration
  • Payment Information
  • Pricing
  • Contact Info
  • Instructor info
  • Sponsor info
  • Images
  • Multiple Document attachments (e.g. class details and registration form)
  • Map (Google, MapQuest, etc.)

Add online course registation with our e-commerce functionality.  The badge print wizard makes it easy to print badges on a standard Avery badge template, or you can export the attendee list in Excel to use however you like.

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