Get Notified When Item is Back in Stock

Find out who is interested in purchasing an item that is currently out of stock so you can better plan order replenishment.

When an active plant record has zero items available for sale, a "Get Notified" link will be displayed on the corresponding plant detail page. The user would add minimal contact information and this request will be stored in your Clarity Console data.

This functionality allows you to see what the demand is for a plant you are not carrying or is out of stock.

In your Clarity Console back office, you will be able to see the Items in Demand Report to see how many people have requested notification. You can sort the report by Product, SKU, Number of Interested Customers, or Quantity Available for Sale.

When you have updated your inventory, you can click on Notify Customers of Items Back In Stock to send emails to all customers to notify them that the plant or product SKU they were interested in is back in stock and available for purchase. If you like, the system can be programmed to check inventory each night and compare it to the 'Get Notified' requests and automatically send out an email to the 'requesters'. Once the email is sent, that requester will be removed from the list so they will not receive future notifications. 

Tools In Action...
  • Sooner Plant Farm
    You may have to select various plant categories to find a plant that is out of stock so the 'Get Notified' button shows.