Gift Certificates - Online Purchase and Redemption

Gift certificate and gift card usage have been on a steady increase for years. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase sales with online gift certificate purchases.

You can add the ability for your customers to purchase online gift certificates or gift cards and then have them redeemable at your physical location or through your Clarity Connect shopping cart.

The buyer's credit card is charged when they confirm their purchase, so you have your money immediately. This can help cash flow in the off-season when your sales may be down and people are looking for gifts for their gardening friends and family.

Online Gift Certificate Redemption

If you implement online redemption, users will be able to login to their account to see the open balance on their gift certificate. If their order value is larger than their gift certificate balance, they will be required to pay for the balance on their credit card. If the order total is less than their gift certificate balance, their available balance will be reduced by the order total.

Checking Remaining Balance

Recipients will can enter their unique gift card number to see what their remaining balance is.

Managing Gift Certificates

For Online Use

With your Gift Certificate Editor in your Clarity Console, you will be able to see details for all of the issued gift certificates including seeing the open balance and making any necessary changes to that value. You can also create a new gift certificate manually in the tool.  

For In-Store Use

When a customer purchases a gift card for in-store use, it will display in your Store Manager as an Incomplete Order. After you have sent out the gift card, you mark that order complete so you know it has been taken care of.

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