High Resolution Photo Database Manager

Use this tool to add high quality images to your site that your customers can search for and download the appropriate size. 

When you upload a high resolution image the system automatically creates 5 images:

  1. Thumbnail for main image listings
  2. Screen resolution preview (shown below)
  3. Small for download
  4. Medium for download
  5. Large for download

Of course the system will not make the Medium and/or Large image if the original file is too small.

You can assign an image to one or more records in your plant database so the image can be found with relevant searches.  Site visitors will also be able to access Stock Photo Manager images from the relevant plant detail pages.

Organizing Your image Assets

With the tool (see the 4th image at the right), you can add the necessary information to manage your image assets. On the GENERAL tab you enter the image info. Fields available include:

  • Photo Name (required)
  • Photographer (required)
  • Rights (required - standard options include All, Print - Traditional, Print - Tags/Merchandise, Web/Electronic, Other)
  • Photo Date
  • Image ID (required)
  • Color (default is 'Color' but can select 'Black and White)
  • Caption
  • Key Words
  • Categories (you can create as many categories as you need. Each image can be assigned to more than one category if needed)
  • Featured Category (use if there is a featured image section of the website)
  • Featured Description

Plant Info

You can assign an image to one or more plant records from your plant library. This allows the image to be found when someone searches for a plant the image is assigned to.

Pre or Post Login?

Depending on your preference, you can have your Image Gallery before or after login.  Additionally, we can automatically apply a watermark to an image (see Image #3 for an example).  

Selling Your Images

If you are interested in selling images online, we can also take care of that.  For example, check out www.HorticultureImages.com

Non-Plant Images

If you have non-plant images, give us a call and we can implement the same technology that links to prodcucts or other types of photography.