Plant Database Manager: Plant Editor

Add all of the information your customers need to make a purchase decision for all the plants you sell.

Easily manage all plant information including:

  • Plant Name (fields for Genus, species, cultivar, series and common name)
  • Description
  • Characteristics (Full Sun, Attracts Pollinators, etc.)
  • Bloom and Foliage Colors
  • Attributes (Fast Growing, Low Maintenance, etc.)
  • Height, Spread, Hardiness Zone, Patents
  • Images
  • Substitute and Companion Plants
  • SKUs (sellable sizes)
  • Status (In Bloom, Dormant, etc.)
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You have complete control over the plant characteristics you use, i.e. 'Exposure' and the attributes associated with each characteristic i.e. 'Full Sun.'

Plant Editor GENERAL Tab

All of the fields available on the GENERAL Tab of the Plant Editor.