Product Database Manager

Keep all of your products (SKUs) marketing, commerce and logistics information up to date on your site.

The Product Database Manager makes it easy for you to maintain all aspects of the products you are displaying on your website. Organize your products by category to make it easy for site users to find what they are looking for. You can feature a product with a single click of a mouse and it will be automatically added to your home page, featured products page or some other hot spot on your site. We can integrate the product database manager with our shopping cart for secure, convenient online order processing. It can be further integrated with your buisiness management software or ERP system to streamline order processing and customer updates while providing real-time availability so your customer will not place orders and expect immediate delivery of items you do not have in stock can't be shipped at the time of ordering. Commonly use fields include:

  • Product Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Descriptions (short and long)
  • Category (client creates/modifies/deletes categories as required)
  • Sales Pitch
  • Customer Quote
  • Images
  • SKU information (unlimited number of SKUs)

In addition to these fields, there is additional optional information as outlined below:


The tool supports multiple sizes for a given product with the "SKU" tab. You define the product on the "general" tab and then enter the SKU-specific information on the corresponding tab. The SKU information includes description, pricing, manufacture info, voltage, weight and volume (which can be used to calculate freight charges) and more.

Online Sales vs. In-Store Sales:
With a click of a mouse, you can indicate if a particular product sku is available for online purchase or if it is only available in a brick-and-mortar location.

Sales Price
You can enter a 'Start' and 'Stop' Date for a sale and a value in the 'Sales Price' field and the sales price will display in a prominent way.  See the 5th image at the top right for an example.


You can also attach up to four documents for each product. This might include warranty information, usage instructions, assembly instructions, recipes, etc.  IMAGES:

You can attach multiple images including detail, thumbnail, featured detail, featured thumbnail, and product logo.

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