Quick Order

If you're customers know what they want, the Quick Order is a great way for them to quickly place their order on your website. They can scroll through to find the plant they're looking for or use the Quick Search to immediately find the plant they want to purchase.

If you have inventory availability implemented, the quick order can also ensure that your customers do not order more products than you can ship.

Our standard implementation is based on the same price for every customer.  However, it can be customized to have customized pricing to include:

  • Customers are in Price Groups and each product has a price for each price group.
  • Percentage off of a standard price.  For example, customer A receives a 2.23% discount off of the standard wholesale price while Customer B receives a 1.3% discount and Customer C pays the standard wholesale price.
  • 'Hand Pricing' by customer.  You can load customer-specific pricing for each and every item you sell.
  • A combination of the above.

We would be happy to chat with you about your pricing to figure out the best pricing solution.

Store Manager
An e-mail will be sent to the address of your choice notifying The orders are stored in the Clarity Console Online Store Manager.  We can integrate the store manager with various business systems including Oracle and QuickBooks so orders can be automatically synchronized.  Let us know if your interested in this functionality and we will work with you to understand the requirements and the submit a proposal for the additional functionality.