Recommended Orders (Optional Add-On)

Recommended Orders is new functionality we developed based on requests from growers that sell to Garden Centers. They want to put together a list of recommended plants to create suggested orders for various scenarios.

Recommended order types typically include a 'theme' or common plant type and approximate order value. For example:

  • Flowering Shrubs - $10,000 
  • Flowering Shrubs - $20,000
  • Assorted Perennials - $5,000
  • Drought Tolerant Plants - $6,000
  • Spring Annuals - $7,500
  • Butterfly Bush Assortment - $5,000
  • Pollinator Attracting Perennials - $15,000

Your customers can review Recommended Orders after they login.

Emphasis on 'Recommended'

After adding a recommended order to their cart, your customers can add and delete plants to the order and change any of the recommended quantities. 

Adjust Selections as Your Availability Changes

Authorized staff will be able to easily modify your recommended orders throughout the season. For example, if you start to run low on a variety in a recommended order, you can replace it with a comparable variety with sufficient/excess stock.