Sales Sheet Creator

Create product or plant sales sheets quickly from either your Clarity Console plant database manager or your product database manager.

We can work with you to deterimine the proper layout for your sales sheet. The one at the right has 8 plants for the sales sheet that they select from their database and the relevant information is automatically displayed. The customer adds the page title and intro text so they can create sales sheets for any combination of plants such as Best Sellers, Great in the Shade, etc. This tool is a great way to get consistent designs and layout for your sales sheets. Some of our customers mail the sales sheets, others present them during a sales call, while others include them in shipments of products.

See it in action

Give us a call, (919) 577-9901, and we'd be happy to demonstrate this great selling tool. We can also design it to have one featured plant or product. Keep in mind that you may need to upload a high resolution image if we include a large image in the sales sheet.

Tools In Action...
  • Garden Crossings
    The site is the one that is associated with the image shown on the page. The Sales Sheet Creator is available after logging in to the client's Clarity Console tools.