What's New Manager

Use the What's New Manager tool to announce new and exciting things about your company or industry.

Designate a specific area of your site or display "What's New" on the homepage. You can organize your "What's New" items by category to make it easy for site visitors to find information. The tool contains the following fields:

  • Category
  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Full Text
  • Start & Stop Displaying Dates
  • Images:
  • Detail Image
  • Corresponding Thumbnail
  • PDF Attachment

The tool is also "self maintaining." Each What's New item will only be viewable on your site during the time period specified when you create the record. This means you won't have outdated "new" items. Clicking on either the name or the image of the item opens the detail record with full text and an optional larger image and PDF attachment.

The start and stop displaying dates allow you to add data to your site during your slower times and the information will display when you need it to.  For example, you could add a "Pumpkins Now Available" What's New record in February and it will start displaying when you want it to in the fall and stop on the date you enter. 

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