Plant Database Mgr: Add plant records from our library

Quickly add plant information (description, height, spread, characteristics, image, etc.) to your online plant library.

If you have licensed our Plant Database Manager, you can select plant records from our plant library. From your Clarity Console, there is an option to 'Download Plant Records from GCM Database'. You can quickly find the plants you're looking for by narrowing the list in one of five ways:

  1. Select a plant type like perennial, annual, house plant, etc.
  2. Sort list by botanical or common name
  3. Narrow plants to those from a particular breeder or program like Proven Winners.
  4. Text search (searches genus, species, cultivar and common name).
  5. Alpha Index. You can select a letter in the alphabet and then see all plants that start with that letter.

In addition to variety-specific plant records, we have both genus overviews (hosta, lantana, echinacea, etc.) as well as records for many series (like 'Aloha Calibrachoa). The fourth image shows an example of an echinacea genus overview card.

Downloading to Your Library

After selecting the records you want, you can quickly download them into your library. See the last image as an example of the process.

Personalize the Information

Once you have imported the record into your Plant Editor, you can add additional information and make any necessary changes to the data you have imported. And, you can add additional images if you like.