Pop-Up Creator

You can easily add a pop-up Call to Action to select pages of your site to ensure your customers see timely information.

Ever wished you could make sure your website visitors knew you are:

  • Having a sale?
  • Closed for a holiday?
  • Suffering through an unexpected phone outage?
  • Introducing a new product or service?
  • Having a customer appreciation day?
  • Exhibiting at an upcoming trade show?
  • Opening a new location?

Using our Pop-Up Manager allows you to easily communicate these types of messages and more. Click on the 2nd thumbnail to see the Clarity Console™ interface to see how easily you can create and manage your popups. Input includes:

  • Add a Title
  • Add additional text
  • Link it to another page on your site if applicable
  • Add a Start and Stop date to ensure your message displays at the correct times
  • Select the page(s) of your site where you want it to pop-up

After creating your record, you will then add a single image.

No Overkill

Your visitor can click on the 'Got it. Don't show this again.' so it won't annoy them every time they visit the page.

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