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Selling Online for In-Store Pickup: Does it make sense for you?

This will be a very practical discussion of the pros and cons of selling online for in-store pickup. We will do a deep-dive into the challenges and successes of two years of online plant sales for in-store pickup at Wallish Greenhouses.

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Improve Your Website with Data, Not Gut Feel

All too frequently we make marketing decisions, including changes to our websites based on gut feel. Although there is a place for that, we really should be making changes to our websites and e-marketing based on data including A/B Testing and Google Analytics. 

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Keys to Selling Plants Online PROFITABLY

A case study of Wallish Greenhouses, a retail Garden Center in Alberta Canada. Wallish has sold plants online for the last two years and has knocked it out of the park.

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How Growers Utilize Their Websites To Increase Profitability

Timothy has helped wholesale growers take their offering online for over 15 years. In this presentation, he will share real-life examples from his experience helping wholesale operations put their best foot forward on a website. All examples will be 100% GROWER related. 

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