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Website Building Process

Business Objectives. Design Guidelines. Calls to Action. Evaluate. Refine.

Business Objectives

Assuming you're like all of our customers and like us, you have limited resources (money, time and attention span), then your website investment should be treated like any other investment. Before writting that first check, clearly defined and meaureale business goals should be associated with your new web presence. A few examples follow: 

  • Increase quantity and quality of quote/lead requests
  • Be perceived as a subject matter expert
  • Increase order frequency
  • Increase order size
  • Improve customer service

After prioritizing your objectives, select 2 or 3 that your new website can help you meet. If you're unsure how this could work, give us a call and we would be happy to walk you through a few examples.

Design Guidelines

Your website 'look and feel' should be representative of your business. I know, that seems like a 'Captain Obvious' statement, but it's not uncommon to get a feel for a business from their website and other marketing and then be surprised when you vist or call them. 

If you have a retail location and it's 'warm and cozy' with good 'southern hospitality' your site shouldn't look like Sharper Image. Conversely, if you are a technology driven company your site shouldn't look like Cracker Barrel.

Of course, there should be coordination between your website look and feel and your other marketing materials (assuming they don't stink).

Wireframe Design

After the busines objectives and design guidelines have been solidified, we will design your website wireframe which is like a blueprint or skeletal framework of your website. Like a blueprint, it shows position of all key elements, but it is not 'designed'.  

Home Page Design

Once the home page wireframe is approved, we then have one of our designers convert it to a true design with the proper look and feel. The images and text are for placement only (FPO). You will have the ability to easily change/update text and images for your site with the appropriate Clarity Console Tool.

Meeting Business Objectives

Hoods wanted to make it easier for their customers to order from them. Therefore, online ordering was implemented with the ability for their customers to easily place their contract growing orders 'out of season' and then request shipments from their order 'in season'. Additionally, Hoods will be able to sell the product they grow on speculation to both landscapers and garden centers.

A second objective was to increase sales to Garden Centers. When homeowners get to their site through searches (primarily for specific plant varieties), they can now use the 'Find a Retailer' functionality. We placed this in the footer so it is available on every page of the website. To state the obvious, if they drive sales through their garden center customers, they will get more orders from those garden centers.