Websites Designed to Meet Business Objectives

A Proven Process

To help ensure you get the most from your website investment with Clarity Connect, we follow our proven process.

Define Business Objectives

Clearly defined and measureable business goals should be associated with your new web presence. A few examples follow: 

  • Increase quantity and quality of quote/lead requests
  • Be perceived as a subject matter expert
  • Increase order frequency
  • Increase order size
  • Improve customer service

After prioritizing your objectives, select 2 or 3 that your new website can help you meet. If you're unsure how this could work, give us a call. We will walk you through a few examples.

Determine Site Map

After having clear business objectives defined, we wil prepare a site map -which is like a blueprint of your website- that clearly shows all the key navigation and functionality. The goal is to provide focus.

Create Wireframe

The wireframe shows the position of all key elements.  This includes the 'Calls to Action' (CTA) that helps achieve the key objectives defined in step. For example, a prominent button for 'Request a Quote' or 'Order Plants'.

Design Site

Your website 'look and feel' should be representative of your business but more importantly is having the right 'Calls to Action' (CTAs) to help achieve your business objectives. Additionally, the site must perform flawlessly on smart phones as well.


After the design is approved, we will start implementing the new site. Content (text, images and video) will need to be added. We will train you and/or your staff on the easy-to-use website content management tools re: how to add, edit and delete your custom content.

Continuous Improvement

After your new site is released, you will be able to continually update your website. Additionally, we are available to provide consulting services such as search engine optimization and A/B testing.

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Acme Wholesale Grower Site Map

A sample sitemap for a wholesale grower. The Clarity Console Tools used to update each section of the site are in purple text.