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ADA Page Assist™ Widget

PageAssist is a Javascript-script-based, add-on toolbar (also known as an accessibility widget, not an overlay) that is visible on all pages on your website and allows website visitors to adjust certain elements of the website experience to better meet their individual needs. PageAssist offers more options for visitors to better access content and functions across your website and provides a more equal experience for all your visitors.

  • Font size: Choose their preferred font size
  • Cursor size: Choose a larger cursor size
  • Highlight Elements: Highlight key elements, including links, buttons & headings
  • Font type: Choose between different fonts, including a dyslexic-friendly font
  • Text spacing: Choose different text spacing options
  • CSS: Removes all CSS and displays text only
  • Focus: Helps users focus on elements either via emphasis or a reading bar

PageAssist showcases a guide for keyboard navigation, making it easier for users that prefer keyboards to navigate the website. In addition, PageAssist can be customized to match your website's branding colors.

See it in Action

Click on the blue, circular widget on our site in our website footer at the bottom left to explore the options.

Get Started

Clarity Connect offers PageAssist only to our existing website customers. There is a one-time installation and setup fee of $175 and an annual license fee of $500.