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Content is King

Developing good content for your website is critical to getting a good return on your website investment.

People read websites differently than they do print documents.  Your text needs to fit the online scanning style.  Most of your prospects and customers do not have the expertise you have with your products.  You need to be sure the language you use is relevant for them.   Additionally, a good rule of thumb is that most people don't care even 10% as much about your business as you do - don't bore them with irrelevant details.  This class will help you learn ways to keep the content relevant, engaging and up to date.

Time:               1 – 3 hours
I can do this topic justice in 1 hour, but can really get into the details and walk attendeess through a more examples and even work on one or two pages from an attendee's site if given longer.  I have variations of this presentation that last 90 minutes, 2 hours and 3 hours.

Audience:        Anyone with a website or someone looking to improve the content and messaging of their existing site.