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Contracting Clarity to Add Content to Your Site

with Clarity Console Content Management Tools

Although the Clarity Console tools are easy-to-use, even for those with no technical skills, we understand that at times you would prefer to pay to have your website content updated. We can do that on an hourly basis with a minimum billing time of ½ hour. Please contact us to discuss your billing rate.

In order for us to be efficient in adding content to your site, we will need:

  • The page name AND URL (i.e. About Us and associated with each section of text.
  • Add the text to a Word document with very little formatting
  • Image appropriately named so that it is crystal clear what page and/or photo gallery album they should be added to
  • Images should be sufficiently large enough. For slide shows, the image should be at least 2,000 pixels wide. For other images, 1,000 pixels wide will suffice

Please note that unless specifically contracted, we will not proof your content or do any copywriting.

Also, be sure that you have rights to any image or content you add to your site. If not, you may be in copyright infringement which can get very expensive very quickly.

If there is a large project, we can work for a couple of hours to get an estimate of how long it will take to complete your project.