Copy and Paste Upgrade

New Features to copy and paste formated or unformated text

There is a new sheriff in town and he is removing the restaints from pasting in formated text. Copy and Paste is practically the same accross any browser selecting Copy or Paste from the Edit Dropdown. And for those that are not aware, you can also do short cuts for:

• Copy (Ctrl + C) on a PC (Command + C) on a Mac
• Paste (Ctrl + V) on a PC (Command + V) on a Mac


But our newest feature the the rich text Editing is the ability to copy from word or an unformated text file. If you want to copy over a word document and maintain some of its formation, all you would need to do is place your cursor where you want the text entered and then click on the Paste from Word button. A Pop Up Window will appear for you to Paste in the new formated text.

Note: The Font Size and Color will not Carry over as they do not translate properly so that is why it does not carry over. You can expect Bold, Italics, Spacing and Hard Returns to carry over.