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How-To: Embed YouTube Videos


Here are detailed instructions with screen shots on how to embed YouTube videos within your PGE pages. However, the same process can be used to add videos to virtually any of the Clarity Console tools.

Step 1: First you must open up the page of the YouTube video that you wish to embed. Click on the"Share" button located directly under your video. To the right of the link the shows up under that, click on "Embed." If you want the video to be a different size than the default, click on one of the other thumbnails underneath (640 x 360, 1280 x 720, etc). Copy the code that shows up in the box (starts with <ifame width...).

Step 2: Go to your PGE and select where you want to put the video (in this case I am putting it under Content Prior to Bullets). To the right of the text editor, select "html." There will be a pop up, and it may be too small, so just drag the corners to make it bigger.

Step 3: Paste the <iframe...> code into the HTML Source Editor and click "Update."

Step 4: This is the most important step. Click to the right of the yellow box and hit your spacebar. This allows the code to be embedded. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom. (Note: If you hit "Save Changes" and the box no longer exists, then you did not put a space after the box.)

Step 5: Preview the published page in your browser. Adjust as needed.

Download Additional Information
A Guide to YouTube

Creating an Account, Uploading videos and Embedding those videos in the Back Office.