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Marketing is NOT a Luxury

The role of Marketing in differentiating, building your brand and increasing profitability.

Unfortunately, many business people don't see the value of marketing, because they have a limited vision of what marketing is and are not sure where to get started. In this class, we'll demonstrate the value of marketing and discuss various forms of practical marketing soluions, many that have low entry costs but high returns.

Depending on the length of the session, we can also work through how to develop a Marketing Plan and how to prepare a budget to fund the plan.

Time:         2-4 hours

Audience:   It can be a mixed audience, but it is better if there is a focus with in a segment of the industry. For example owners and mangers of:

  • Garden Centers, or
  • Growers, or
  • Lanscape Contractors

If most of the audience is from a specific segment, the presentation will be modified to focus on that segment.