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Text Formatting in Clarity Console™ Tools

Easily format text and add hyperlinks with Rich Text Editing (RTE)

Rich Text Editing is available in nearly all of our Clarity Console tools. It looks and works like text formatting in common word processors.

With our Rich Text Editing You will be able to:

  • Bold, italicize and underline your text
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists to most of your text
  • Change the font, size and color of your text
  • Apply hyperlinks without typing code
  • Paste from Microsoft Word and keep some of the format
  • Select all with a click of a button
  • Add special characters from a selection box

Rich Text Editing Details

With these new capabilities you will no longer need to worry about the hassles involving html code. Just simply highlight your text and select your options from the tool bar above your text box. For detailed information about these features, please click on the links above.