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Update Plant SKUs: Full Excel Export/Import

This option will export every plant SKU in your database for all plants (inactive and active).

Once you have downloaded the file, you can make changes to the data but do NOT change column names. Also, do NOT delete a column.

To create a new SKU it must be assigned to an existing plant ID in Column B, "PLANTID_DONOTMODIFY".  Additionally, the SKU ID must be null/blank. This is found in the column with the header name 'ID_DONOTMODIFY' which is Column AD in our standard implementation. However, it will be further to the right of column AD if you have custom fields for your Plant SKUs.

IMPORTANT: When you download the original file be sure to make a copy of the original file BEFORE starting to make changes. If you happen to make a mistake and upload the file with errors, you can always upload the original file to restore your site to its original state.

Download Additional Information
Sample Plant SKU Excel Export

The first tab has sample plant data. The second tab, 'Instructions', describes all of the columns and content. If you have custom fields for your plant library, you will have additional columns.

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