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Website Settings Editor

Selecting Your Website Header and Footer

With nine website headers and six website footer options to choose from, you have more than 50 ways to customize your website. You can switch it up at any time using the Website Settings Editor:

Website Color Palette

Your website color palette will be based on the three colors associated with your company's marketing. Your website headers and footers will be updated to reflect your company colors.  In the examples shown, the website color palette is sky blue, orange, and grey.

Each of the 9 headers and 6 footers are shown below. They are also included in the attached PDF document.

Give it a shot

If you are working on your website now, go ahead and make the changes with the tool and check out the results. You will need to refresh your page after each change to reflect your new choice.

Download Additional Information
Website Settings Editor

Instructions on how to easily change between 9 different header options and 6 different footer options.