Garden Calculators

With our garden calculators, your customers can easily determine how many plants or how much soil or mulch they'll need for their garden projects.  The calculators are $150 each for the standard implementation shown below.  We can also modify the mulch calculator to make calculations based on the size product you sell (bags, scoops, trucks, etc).  The Plant Calculator can be added to plant detail pages and then tie directly into the spacing required to determine the number of that specific plant needed for the area your customer is referencing. 

Try them out and to see if they might make sense for your site.  If you're interested in a Bulb Calculator, we can demonstrate that as well.   Give us a call if you would like to disccus this further or to order them for your Clarity Connect website.

Plant Calculator

Please enter the following information about your garden.

length in feet:
width in feet:
Average distance between plant centers in inches:

Mulch Calculators

Rectangular or Square Area

Length (ft)
Width (ft)
How Deep

Circular Area

Diameter (ft)
The diameter is the length of measure across the center of a circle.
How Deep