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Breeders / Programs Manager - Images Tab

1) To upload a image select 'Upload' to the right of the image you want to add.

Image Editor:

1) Choose File: (button)

Your systems file explorer will pop-up, navigate to the file and click 'Open'.

2) ImageMagic On:

Select this to use the systems image editing tools.

Default is 'On'

3) ImageMagic Off:

This will deactivate the image editing portion of the page and images will be uploaded 'as is'.

4) Resize Image:

Select this checkbox if you would like to resize the image then enter the width / height. (Additional notes are provided)

Resize Image Feature (explained): Let's say you have a image that is 1000px by 1000px and you would like to resize it. You can enter either the height or the width alone and the image will scale down proportional to the original image.

To explain the crop feature, imagine that your image fills in the light blue squares shown here with the anchor in the center square.  You now want to crop the image to 500px to 500px. With the anchor in the center square the ImageMagic program will measure out 250px to the top, bottom, left and right side of the anchor, draw a box and keep everything that's inside, the rest gets discarded.

If the anchor is positioned in the left most center square the program will measure out 500px to the right of the left edge, 250px up and down draw its box and crop off everything outside of the box so you would only see the left center section of the picture.

Note: This feature only works if both the width and height fields are given values.

5) Rotate Image:

If you would like to rotate your image we provide the tools to easily do so.

Click on the radio button to rotate left, right or flip the image upside down.

6) Optimize Image: (default 'checked')

This checkbox is selected by default. What this does is optimize your image for the web. It provides the best image for the size of the file. This is extremely important for having your pages load quickly when your user has a slow internet connection.

7) Delete Image:

Click the checkbox to have this image deleted when you click 'Submit Image'

8) Click 'Submit Image'