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Plant Database Manager

Easily build your online plant library

The Plant Database Manager is a collection of tools that makes it easy to build and maintain your online plant library. It is comprised of the following modules:

The core functionality in the Plant Database Manager includes:

  • Plant Editor: Add, edit, duplicate, delete, publish and deactivate plant records
  • Categories and Types Editor: Add, edit and delete plant categories such as Annual, Bulb and Perennial
  • Custom Settings Editor: Set 'Current' Year, image size defaults and other key settings
  • Breeders Manager: Add, edit and delete breeder or program profiles including a logo
  • Genus Overview Editor: Provide high level genus or genus & species information and/or update all plant records in a particular genus or genus/species combination.
  • Download Master Export Template: Download Excel template you can populate for us to upload into your plant database
  • Plant Characteristics Editor: Add, edit and delete characteristic classes (i.e. 'Nature Attraction') and the possible characteristic options for the class (i.e., 'Butterflies', 'Hummingbirds',
  • Download Plant Records from GardenCenterMarketing.copm Plant Database: Download plant records from including an image to quickly help build your online plant library.
  • Plant Image List: Check out your entire database to quickly see what plants you still need images for.
  • Plant Search: Site visitors can quickly find all or your plants that match their search requirements. 
  • Staff Favorites: Personal recommendations are one of the best ways to sell. Your staff can 'sing the praises' of some of their favorite plants by combining the Managment and Employee Profiles Editor and the Plant Database Manager.

A related optional tool is our Current Crop Image Uploader