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Categories / Types Editor - General Tab

1) Category Name: (Required)

Enter a name for the category

ex. Annual

2) Include in Featured Category Rotation:

Clicking this checkbox will include this category in the Featured Category Rotation.

3) Alpha Index Default:

Select the letter of the alphabet that you would like the index to start at. 

ex. If you category has a lot of plants that start with the letter B and no A's it would not make sense to show the A category. In addition you can select 'All' if your category has very few plants so your viewer can look at them all instead of searching for them.

4) Show Alpha Index:

Clicking this checkbox will show the Alpha Index.

5) Parent Category:

Select a category from the drop down box to make this a sub-catergory of an already defined category. 

6) Description:

Enter a description for this category.

7) Click 'Save Changes'