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Genus Overview Editor - General Tab

1) Genus:

Enter the genus.

ex. Abutilon

2) Species:

Enter the species.

3) Pronounciation:

Enter the pronounciation.

ex. [uh-byoot-l-on] 

4) Family:

Enter the plant family.

ex. Mallow

5) Common Name:

Enter the common name.

ex. Nobob flowering maple

6) Height:

Enter the height and select a unit of measure.

7) Spread:

Enter the spread and select a unit of measure.

8) Spacing:

Enter the spacing and select a unit of measure.

9) USDA Hardiness Zone:

Enter the zone range.

10) Description:

Enter a description.

11) Interesting Notes:

Enter any interesting information here.

12) Growing an Maintenance Tips:

Enter helpful growing tips here.

13) Click 'Save Changes'