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Plant Characteristics Editor - Characteristics Tab

This is a list of all Characteristics associated with a class they are listed here in a table with the following columns from left to right, Characteristic Name, Order in List, Delete This Characteristic, Edit This Characteristic.

1) Characteristic Name:

Clicking the name will open a page with a Linked Tab and Images Tab. (see 'Linked Tab' and 'Images Tab')

2) Order in List:

Click on 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' to move the characteristic up or down in the list.

3) Delete This Characteristic:

Click to delete this characteristic.

4) Edit This Characteristic:

Clicking this will allow you to change the characteristic name.

5) Add a New Characteristic:

Enter a name for the new characteristic.

6) Click 'Create This Characteristic'

Click this button to add your new characteristic to the list above.

Add / Edit Tabs