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Plants Editor - SKU List Tab

1) 'Click here' to add a new SKU:

You may also click on the SKU name to edit an existing SKU.



1) SKU: (Required)

Enter a SKU for this plant.

2) Discontinued?

Click this checkbox if the plant is discontinued.

3) This SKU is kitable:

This is a paid feature. To activate contact Clarity Connect at (919) 577-9901.

4) Plant:

This field is automatically generated for you.

5) SKU Name: (required)

Enter a name for the SKU.

6) Enable online purchase of this SKU:

Clicking this checkbox will allow this plant to be purchased online.

7) List Price: (Required)

Enter the price of the plant.

8) Inventory On Hand:

Enter the amount available.

9) Sale Price:

Enter the sale price for the plant.

10) Cost Price:

Enter the cost of the plant.

11) Sale Price Start Date:

Enter the date or select the calendar to choose a date.

12) Sale Price Stop Date:

Enter the date or select the calendar to choose a date.

13) Quantity per SKU: (required)

Enter the quantity for the SKU.

14) Quantity Unit:

Enter the quantity per unit.

ex. 6 to a case, with the case being the unit.

15) Shipping Method:

Select a method from the drop down box.

16) Fixed Shipping Cost:

Enter a dollar amount for the fixed shipping cost.

17) Weight (in Lbs):

Enter the weight in pounds.

18) Dimensions (in inches):

Enter the Width in the first box, Length in the second, and Height in the third.

19) Minimum Inventory:

Enter the amount of inventory that you must keep on hand.

20) Manufacturer's SKU:

Enter the manufacturer's SKU number.

21) Sort Order:

Enter the sort order.

22) Inventory Not Saleable:

Enter the quantity of inventory not intended for sale.

23) Click 'Create This Record' or 'Save Changes' if editing.

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