Clarity Console™ Website Content Management Solutions

Easily update your website content anytime, anywhere

The Clarity Console is a powerful, flexible web content management system that gives non-technical users the power to update their website anytime from any Internet enabled computer. Select from more than 30 standard solutions or we can create a custom tool to meet your business needs. A partial list of tools follows:

  • Articles Editor
    Post relevant articles to increase the information value of your site.
  • Blog Editor

    Add fresh content to your site to keep customers and prospects interested and to stake your claim as an expert in your field.

  • Bulb Calculator
    Users can quickly determine how many bulbs they will need for a rectangular or square area in their landscape. 
  • Calendar of Events Manager
    Add company and industry related events to your online calendar to improve customer communication.
  • Career Opportunities Manager

    Control recruiting costs and improve candidate prequalification with online job postings.

  • Catalog / Marketing Materials Request Editor
    Make it easy for your customers to request one of your print catalogs or other marketing pieces.
  • Catalog Wizard

    With Catalog Wizard™, you can quickly create custom catalogs from plant or product data you have entered into an online Clarity Console™ database. Enter and update information until the last moment - right before you click "Make My Catalog"

  • Client List Editor
    This tool allows staff to create profiles of your clients/customers.
  • Contact Editor
  • Customer Representatives Editor
  • Discount Manager
    You can create an unlimited number of discounts for your on-line sales. Discount codes can be for a specific customer or for all customers. Start and stop dates automatically ensure your discounts are being offered at the appropriate time.
  • Events and Classes Editor

    Post related events and classes to your site in seconds.

  • Faculty and Staff Editor
    Easily maintain profiles and contact information for faculty and staff. Works well for physician profiles as well.
  • File Downloads Manager
    This is a great way to quickly add large amounts of existing information to your site.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Editor
    Improve customer service by providing online answers to your customers questions.
  • Get Notified When Item is Back in Stock

    Find out who is interested in purchasing an item that is currently out of stock so you can better plan order replenishment.

  • Gift Certificates - Online Purchase and Redemption

    Gift certificate and gift card usage have been on a steady increase for years. Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase sales with online gift certificate purchases.

    You can add the ability for your customers to purchase online gift certificates or gift cards and then have them redeemable at your physical location or through your Clarity Connect shopping cart.

    The buyer's credit card is charged when they confirm their purchase, so you have your money immediately. This can help cash flow in the off-season when your sales may be down and people are looking for gifts for their gardening friends and family.

  • Home Page Editor
  • Label Wizard
    Use Label Wizard to quickly, easily and cost effectively create labels from your Clarity Console Plant Database Manager or Product Database Manager.  It's a great way to leverage your data for the website and for product labels.
  • Locations Editor

    Use the Locations Manager to enter contact information for one or more of your locations. You can easily update all of your contact information including directions, hours of operations, etc.

  • Login Manager
    The tool allows you to easily maintain authorized users to access secure areas of your site.
  • Monthly (Garden) Activities Calendar
    You can add an unlimited number of activities for each month.  The current month will display the current month, but the user can click on any of the other months to see the corresponding activities.
  • Mulch & Soil Calculator
    Site visitors can enter the dimensions of the area they need mulch or soil for and the desired depth (2", 3", 4", etc.) and the total cubic yards required will be calculated.
  • Neighborhood Profile Manager
    This tool allows realtors to display multiple neighborhood profiles for browsers to view.
  • On-Line Coupon Creator
  • Online Coupon Creator
    With this tool you can quickly create online coupons to your site that have the same look and feel as your website.
  • Online Poll Creator
    Quickly create an an online poll to get feedback from your site visitors/users.
  • Page Generator Editor

    The Page Generator Editor (PGE) tool allows you to create totally dynamic web pages and subpages.

  • Pages Editor

    Easily add general content and images to your site with the Pages Editor.

  • Photo Gallery Manager
    The tool allows you to enter pictures and create categories to organize into specific "scrap books." .
  • Plant Calculator
    Users can quickly determine how many plants they will need for a rectangular or square area in their landscape.
  • Plant Database Manager
  • Plant Database Mgr: Current Crop Editor

    The Current Crop Editor is phone-friendly website functionality added to your Clarity Console™ Plant Database Manager. This allows you to use your smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet to take current crop pictures and quickly upload them to the appropriate plant SKU (sellable size) on your website

  • Plant Database Mgr: Custom Plant Index Page Creator

    Create custom pages of selected plants to promote through social media, e-newsletters and calls to action (CTAs) on your website.

  • Plant Database Mgr: Custom Settings Editor

    Easily control key variables to expedite creating and updating your plant library. 

  • Plant Library
  • Pop-Up Creator

    You can easily add a pop-up Call to Action to any page of your site to ensure your customers see timely information.

  • Portfolio Manager
    The tool is a great way to organize and display your online portfolio.
  • Product Database Manager

    Keep all of your products (SKUs) marketing, commerce and logistics information up to date on your site.

  • Project Plant List

    After logging in, your customers can create their own custom plant lists for their landscaping jobs, future orders, or other marketing. 

  • Property Listings Manager

    Real Estate companies can display and update their current listings online.

  • Quick Order
    If you're customers know what they want, the Quick Order is a great way for them to quickly place their order on your website. They can scroll through to find the plant they're looking for or use the Quick Search to immediately find the plant they want to purchase.
  • Random Image Manager
    Keep your site looking fresh and updated with the Random Image Manager.
  • Recipe Editor
    Quickly add great recipes to your site to promote your restaurant, ingredients or products.
  • Resources and Links Editor
    Use the Resources and Links Editor to quickly create links to other interesting sites and resources.
  • Restaurant Menu Editor
    The Menu Manager tool allows you to add, modify, delete, activate and publish items.
  • Review This Plant

    According to a number of different studies, having real consumer reviews for your products significantly improve sales.  Add plant reviews to your site to help increase your sales.

  • Review This Product

    According to a number of different studies, having real consumer reviews for your products significantly improve sales.  Add product reviews to your site to help increase your sales.

  • Shipping and Boxes Editor

    Use this tool to configure your shipping and boxes to help ensure accurate shipping rates are calculated for your customers in your shopping cart.

  • Shopping List
    After viewing plants online, users can easily add items to their shopping list to bring into the garden center.
  • Slide Show Editor

    Easily add dynamic content for your home page with the Slide Show Editor. 

  • Specials Editor
    Publish online specials to help promote your business.
  • Staff Profiles Editor
    Show off your wonderful staff with the Management/Employee Profiles Editor.
  • Staff Profiles Editor
  • Stock Photo Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Suppliers Editor
  • Testimonials Manager
    The best salespeople are satisfied customers. Use the Testimonials Manager to let your customers' praises sell your products and services.
  • Ticker Message Editor
    The tool allows you to create messages such as taglines and slogans, that can be randomly displayed throughout your site.
  • Tips and Helpful Hints Manager
    The tool gives you the ability to quickly add tips and hints to your site.
  • User Manager
    This tool controls access to areas of your site that require logins.
  • Video Manager

    Easily embed YouTube videos to your site and organize them into albums if needed.

  • Website Email Address Editor
  • What's New Manager
    Use the What's New Manager tool to announce new and exciting things about your company or industry.
  • Where to Buy / Find a Retailer

    A quick zip code lookup allows customers to quickly find locations where they can purchase your products and/or services. The locations can be your own retail locations or those of your authorized distributors.